Here are the steps to successfully set up your new DYMO 4XL LabelWriter with a Mac computer.

Once you've connected the printer to your Mac, you can immediately add it to the Printers & Scanners System Preferences. You may need to install the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL driver as it is not pre-installed on MacOS.

  • Connect the printer to your MAC

Connect the DYMO 4XL LabelWriter printer to your computer with the USB cable.

  • Download the latest DYMO Label driver
Download the latest DYMO Label driver for Mac from the DYMO support website.

  1. Click the following link and download the latest Mac driver from the Support tab on the official DYMO website:


    DYMO Label Software v8.7.5, Mac®
The DLS8Setup.8.7.5 file will be downloaded and then we must execute it by double clicking.
Then we must execute by double clicking the file inside this folder called DYMO Label v.8.pkg
  • Install the DYMO Label driver

Continue the DYMO Label driver installation process to completion.

  • Add the DYMO 4XL printer to your printers.

Open "System Preferences."

Open "Scanners and Printers."

Click on the "+" sign to add a new printer.

Select the "DYMO LabelWriter 4xl" printer.
Click "Add".

From now on, your DYMO 4xl LabelWriter printer will show up on your printers.

  • Set the printer defaults to CUPS.

Click here to open your CUPS printer settings.

You can also enter by copying and pasting the following link into the URL field and press enter:



If your computer does not have CUPS enabled, you will see a message that says "Web Interface is Disabled. The web interface is currently disabled. Run "cupsctl WebInterface=yes" to enable it" , or something like the following image, you must enable them follow the following Steps:

If you did not have a problem, continue in the next bullet.

Follow the next steps:

1. Open "Terminal"

2. Copy and paste the following command into the terminal and press enter.

cupsctl WebInterface=yes

3. Close the "Terminal" application

4. Click here

  • Once inside CUPS, follow these steps.

    From the list of printers, click on "DYMO_LabelWriter_4XL"

    A screen like the following will open:

    Click on "Administration" and select "Default Options"

    Make sure you have the following options as shown in the image below:

    Media Size: 1744907 4" x 6"
    Continuous Paper: Disabled
    Halftoning: Error Diffusion
    Print Density: Normal
    Print Quality: Barcodes and Graphics

Once you have selected these options, click on "Set Default Options"

When you click on "Set Default Options" you will be prompted for your computer login to be able to modify the default print options for the DYMO 4XL.

Here you must enter your Mac administrator Username and Password. In order to continue, you must enter these credentials. If you don't know what they are, follow the steps below.

1. Open "System Preferences"

2. Go to "Users and Groups"

3. On the left side, there are all the users registered on your computer. Identify which one is labeled "Admin". That is the user that must be entered in "User". The password is the same with which the administrator logs in when turning on the computer.

4. Once you have entered the credentials, a message will be displayed that the modifications have been made successfully.

Clever! Now only the last step is missing, which is to change the format in which the guides are generated on Click here to see the manual.


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