Uso de Sobres y Bolsas para envío por paquetería

Envelopes and Bags for Parcel Shipping

envelopes and courier bags

When it comes to packaging a product, the question arises of which option to use to get the most benefit possible at a fair price. Although there are different alternatives on the market to cover this need, today we will talk about two good options that can help you prepare the packaging of your products in an easy and fast way. We refer to Polyethylene Envelopes or Mailing Bags and Bubble Padded Envelopes.

The difference between these two lies in the fact that the first one only covers the product, reducing packaging time and money costs, and the second one offers a little more protection to the product thanks to its interior full of bubbles.

Polyethylene envelopes, Poly mailers or plastic shipping bags are an excellent packaging option when it comes to sending products by parcel that do not need additional protection.

envelopes for sending clothes pants jackets vests sweaters by parcel

Some of the products with which this type of envelope is usually used are: to send clothes, sweatshirts, pants, uniforms, costumes, costumes, textiles, footwear, sports equipment, wallets, backpacks, bags, documents, books, magazines, toys, groceries, cosmetic accessories, cleaning supplies , etc.

These envelopes or bags are distinguished by being an economical option but they have sufficient quality and resistance to protect the product at all times, they are also waterproof, safe and confidential thanks to the fact that they are made of a material that completely covers the product, preventing it from being damaged. infiltrate water, dust or, that you can see what is inside the envelope. They have an easy to use adhesive and eliminate the use of tapes for a total seal, making your preparation time very fast.

In recent years, this type of bag has become one of the favorite options for people who manage Ecommerce or an Online Store, due to its easy use and quick preparation time . Unlike boxes, courier bags stand out for being a low-weight package, which influences when it comes to reducing shipping costs .

    What if my product is fragile ?

    This is where the second product that we have been talking about comes in.

    Bubble Envelopes or Padded Envelopes also provide great benefits to e-commerce with their use, including reducing costs and preparation time with their easy use, they also provide protection to more delicate products with their interior filled with bubble paper. of plastic inflated with air which cushion the product in case of sudden movements or incidents on the way to its destination. EYE. Not all products are eligible to be shipped with this option, it depends on how fragile the product is.

    These envelopes also feature an easy peel and stick self- adhesive strip for a complete seal, making your package ready in seconds.

    There are many options for which this type of envelope is usually used: jewelry, cosmetics, beauty and hygiene items, medicines, CDs, video games, toys, collectibles, electronics, spare parts, clothes, clothing, wallets, books, documents, products food, school supplies, stationery, office accessories, etc.

    jiffylite envelopes to send jewelry necklaces and bracelets

      In conclusion, these types of envelopes can be an excellent option to use when packing products, incredibly reducing costs and helping to save time when preparing them before shipping.

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