¿Qué son los sobres canguro o packing list?

Find out what kangaroo envelopes are or also known as packing list envelopes, there are variations of the same product and at Para Packages we tell you that they are to answer your questions.

What are kangaroo envelopes or packing lists?
Kangaroo envelopes or packing list envelopes are an innovative solution to document and organize your shipment. These are transparent envelopes that allow you to add documents such as shipping guides, packing lists, invoices and more.

It features a glue-filled outer face that is made to conform to any standard shipping surface such as cardboard boxes , shipping bags , wood, plastic (over bags or packaging), metal, and glass.

In this way, you will be able to have all the information of the shipment in one place and in a safe way since it keeps water out and protects it from abrasions.

Plus, Kangaroo Bags meet shipping standards for most package carriers like FEDEX, UPS, and more.

Usually the favorite packing lists on the market are the transparent ones but there are several designs on the market such as those with the legends "Packing List Enclosed" and "Invoice Enclosed" that at first glance stand out and attract attention due to their colors.

They are an excellent option as guide holders , in case you can not afford an investment to acquire a printer and adhesive labels . Kangaroo envelopes are cheaper and it is not necessary to have a computer for their use.

In For Packages you can find polyethylene kangaroo envelopes with dimensions of 17 x 23 cm from 100 pieces. We have other models and wholesale at preferential prices . Consult your Para Packages sales advisor for more information.

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