¿Qué es el sello de certificación de la caja y cómo leerlo?

When you are looking for a box, how can you make sure at a glance that it has the requirements you need? Easy, with the certification seal that every certified box has that you can recognize simply by looking at where it specifies the qualities of the box.

What is the Box Maker Certification Seal?

The manufacturer's certification seal shows that the box was made under defined standards , ensuring the quality of the packaging . You can find the certificate in the tab at the top of the box.

What is the Box Maker Certification Seal?

How to read the box certificate?

Cardboard boxes go through The Edge Crush Test , which in Spanish is the compression test (ECT) , which indicates the amount of compression a box can withstand vertically. It is measured as pounds/inches. This measure is important in warehouses where the boxes are stacked to save space. Remember that the more resistance to pressure, the less risk of crushing the boxes and damaging your product.

Size Limit is the maximum sum of exterior dimensions . This means that the box cannot exceed the stipulated amount.

Gross WR LT is an abbreviation for Gross Weight Limit and means the weight limit allowed inside the box and contents. If it becomes overweight, the box and its contents would be compromised. On the other hand, the seal also informs who the manufacturer of the box is.

The correct way to read the measurement of your box is length x width x height where: length is the longest horizontal measurement, width is the shortest, and height is the vertical measurement.

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