Cómo elegir la mejor caja para tu producto

Whether you're using boxes to deliver goods two blocks away or shipping an item several miles away, choosing the right shape, size, type and material for shipping boxes is an important part of the shipping process. .

We know that the sheer number of shipping box options available can be overwhelming, which is why we've brought you all the information and data you need to make the box selection process a little easier. Let us begin!

Cardboard boxes

How to measure shipping boxes?

To find the correct measurements for shipping boxes , you must first find out what measurements the item you want to ship has.

Next, you need to know how the box sizes are measured.

Boxes are always measured from the inside of the box and are usually formatted consistently by length x width x height .

  • Length: It is the longest side of the box with a flap and is measured horizontally.
  • Width: This is usually the second in terms of the longest side, and you can distinguish it from the height measurement because it also has a fin. It is also measured horizontally.
  • Height: Measured vertically from the bottom to the top. It is the only measure that does not include the fins.

For the purposes of shipping the box with any parcel company, it is important to know the outside dimensions of the box. These outside dimensions are known as dimensional weight and are used to calculate shipping costs .

Avoid wasted space as much as you can. An oversized box will add shipping costs, require more padding and sealing tape.

It is strongly recommended to opt for biodegradable fill options.

Tips for packing with your chosen shipping boxes

  • Avoid buying used shipping boxes . It's best to buy new, undamaged shipping boxes, as used ones may have dents and tears, or unseen problems like water damage.
  • Pack correctly . Use biodegradable or bubble fill whenever you can. Excess tape does not allow for safer customer shipping.
  • Foodstuffs, medications, or other perishable goods will need protection from changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Clothing and handmade items need shipping boxes to keep them tight and immobile.
  • Breakable items need as many layers of protection as possible. You want them to be snug but not have any pressure or strain on them.
  • Fully customized product boxes are designed to look good, but are not recommended for shipping heavy products.
  • If you have small items that are made of heavy materials, consider a small shipping box .

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