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In Para Packages we tell you everything about the packaging for jewelry products, in our blog you will find what you need to protect your products and send them correctly.

If you are a jewelry retailer , it is important that you know how to pack your products for shipment. In this way, they will be protected during transport and will arrive in perfect condition at their destination. In this article we explain everything you need to know about jewelry packaging.

Learn all about jewelry packaging

Before purchasing packages for your jewelry products, it is necessary to ask us the following:

  • Is jewelry fragile?
  • Are the pieces bulky?
  • How heavy is the jewelry ?
  • Do you have jewelry in a variety of sizes and shapes?

For small-sized mail, we recommend bubble envelopes that cushion the shock of shipping and you will save on parcel costs.

In case it is a fragile jewelry , you can choose a box that fits the product and protect it with bubble wrap or simple pack bubble paper that is friendly to the environment.

If they are bulky pieces, always wrap them individually in protective material.

There are occasions where the jewelry has its own case that without any problem can go inside a shipping bag .

Choose waterproof packaging alternatives like bubble mailers or mailing bags . You can also use cardboard boxes and put them in shipping bags . Thus, your jewelery will not rust in case of humid environmental situations.

Now you are ready to send necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more . No matter the type of jewelry you sell, in Para Packages you will find a wide variety of packaging that protects your shipments . Consult with one of our sales advisors to quote all the supplies that your jewelry needs by clicking HERE . Buy online now!

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